Issue 34

September 2023 / Rosh Hashana 5784

By the Editor, Dr. Nora Gold

Welcome to this splendid, 8-language issue of Jewish Fiction .net! Here you'll find eleven wonderful stories, originally written in Polish, Russian, Ladino, French, Hebrew, Yiddish, English, and for the first time... (drum roll)... Dutch! This brings to 20 the number of languages from which Jewish Fiction .net has published translations.

And speaking of translations, only one more month till our book of stories from Jewish Fiction .net comes out! 18: Jewish Stories Translated From 18 Languages is the first book of its kind in 25 years, and it has already received glowing advance reviews from Publishers Weekly, Cynthia Ozick, Dara Horn, Josh Henkin, Adam Rovner, and Joseph Kertes. You can pre-order your copy here. (more)


Alex Gordon

If you have never had a brother six years older than you, you will not understand the discomfort your parents have spared you.   (more...)

Jane Mushabac

Give me the kisses of your mouth— they are as sweet as the water that runs from the Catskill Mountains to the city of New York.   (more...)

Kayle Nochomovitz
The Daily Dare

Behind Platinum I see a couple of lonely monkey bread trees in the distance, looking like dumbfounded giants   (more...)

Oren Waldman
A Panther in Jerusalem

Outside of Room 6, Nahum’s empty bed sticks out like a monument. I glance at the beds on both sides. On one side is Yitzhak   (more...)


Jonathan daCosta

The sun wouldn’t rise for another two hours. The sky over Eilat was clear and the second quarter-moon had set hours before.   (more...)


Karen Mandell

“You look like you had a nice outing,” Maryann said, when I returned to the brick bosom of the Golda Meir House.   (more...)


Inna Gordon
The Birthday

After the 1917 abolition of the Pale of Settlement in Russia, Jews began to settle everywhere, in both the central and peripheral cities of the USSR.   (more...)


Benjamin Portnoy
The Naturalization of Leo Zwillich

As Benjy Rosenbaum told me, he looked up from his Batman comic book for a second when a tall muscular teenage boy   (more...)

Minny Mock
People Have No Idea How Busy I Am

“No problem, no problem. I will arrange it for you; phone me back within a week. Then for sure I will have found your file.   (more...)

Patrycja Dołowy
Little Views

The morning dissolves slowly. The day barges in brutally, with a crowd of people filling the streets. I am in the safety of the twilight   (more...)

Rokhl Brokhes
The Burial-Attendant’s Wife

The scrubbed samovar was set on the small table with the drinking glasses; the house was swept already, and cleaned   (more...)

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