Issue 30

April 2022 / Pesach 5782

By the Editor, Dr. Nora Gold

Welcome to our Pesach issue, which brings to 18 the number of languages from which we have published translations (this issue contains our first stories translated from Greek and Portuguese). In addition, Issue 30 brings to 500 the number of stories we've published so far! And we have just been notified of our second Pushcart Prize nomination – so these are exciting times at Jewish Fiction .net. In this issue you’ll find 16 scintillating stories originally written in 6 languages: Greek, Portuguese, Czech, Yiddish, Hebrew, and English. And in honour of the upcoming holiday, there are 3 stories about Pesach: “The Bread of Freedom,” “The Passing of Passover,” and “Leaving Egypt (Passover 5752).” (more)


Nurit Zarchi
The Bean Seed / Grazing Fire

Back in the day, we moved a long way from the center of town, which made me feel like we’d gone to live in the Wild West.   (more...)

Richard Zimler
The Incandescent Threads

After my mother died, my father would sometimes stop in the middle of the street, tuck his head into his shoulders   (more...)

Eldad Cohen
Wake Up Mom

If there’s a hole in one leg of my pants, I cut a hole in the other leg. If the hole I cut is bigger than the first hole,   (more...)

Ida Maze

Once, on an early June night, when Sholem was returning from a nearby shtetl and had reached the small forest   (more...)


Varda Hurvitz
The Passing of Passover

Cries of childish joy echoed up the stairwell and into Julia and David’s apartment. Many guests had visited them there.   (more...)

Barak Hamdani
Yellow People

How many stories begin with a lion? A real lion? One with a golden mane, a catlike gaze, a majesty reserved for kings?   (more...)


Michael Posner
The Surveyors

We had been there a few weeks — it’s probably best not to disclose precisely where. It was February, Brazilian summer   (more...)

Luize Valente
Sonata in Auschwitz

It is a special date for the Germans. After decades, Berlin is once again the capital of Germany, now reunited.   (more...)

Julie Wiener
Leaving Egypt (Passover 5752)

I am sitting on a black leather couch, in a sparsely furnished large apartment   (more...)

Milton Cohen
Dog Tags

It never failed. Whenever the sergeant was looking for a chump—someone for a patrol or KP, someone to help dig a latrine   (more...)

Michel Fais
The Researcher

Lieber Anschel, Lieber Franz, I am sorry for the sudden bout of intimacy, sorry if I tired and inconvenienced you   (more...)


Tehila Lieberman
The Firmament and the Night Doll

She thinks it must be the statues of another religion, though they aren't statues.   (more...)

Gina Roitman
Don't Ask

Hannah waited twenty-four hours before calling the police, knowing her mother, Rokhl, would have been mortified: O mein Gott! The police!   (more...)

Anne (Hannah) Viderman
The Dance Master

When I was a young girl, my brother came home one day with the news that he was going to study dance   (more...)

Irena Dousková

The meeting had ended a quarter of an hour earlier and the area between the People’s Council offices and the House of Culture slowly emptied.   (more...)


Lawrence E. Kurlandsky
The Bread of Freedom

As Ephraim listened to the ebb and flow of air in and out of the boy’s chest, his own breathing relaxed   (more...)


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