Issue 21

September 2018 / Rosh Hashana 5779

Shana tova and welcome to this new issue of Jewish Fiction .net! Here you will find 16 outstanding works of fiction, originally written in English, Hebrew, and German. One of these, in celebration of the upcoming holidays, is a marvelous Sukkot story by Mendele Mokher Seforim. We are honoured to present this as the first of a series of three stories by Mendele, none of which have ever before been published in English, and all of them set on Jewish holidays (Sukkot, Chanukah, and Pesach). (more)

Sara Aharoni
Mrs. Rothschild's Love

I stood at the open window like I do every day, my eyes seeking hesitantly, wishing to capture the image of Meir Amschel Rothschild   (more...)

Mendele Mokher Seforim
The Feast of Ingathering

In general, Jews suffer many bodily afflictions – especially diseases of the intestines and lower parts   (more...)


David G. Roskies
Footloose in Vilna, 1939

The first thing I remember is hearing Nadianka sing out my name. “Dó-vee-dl R-r-ross-kess,” a rolling Russian r   (more...)

Marjorie Sandor
The Secret Music

Inside one note, many more are hidden. I learned this from my father, who played the oud   (more...)

Sheryl Halpern
I Didn’t Go to the Barbecue

It was my mother’s standard Guilt Call. “Did you go to Aunt Mona’s barbecue yesterday?”   (more...)

Peter Sichrovsky
New York

Park Slope, Brooklyn, 1995. Erich and Hanna have a small apartment on the second floor of a narrow brownstone.   (more...)

Amir Ziv
Four Fathers

It wasn’t until eleven o’clock at night that Sharon was in touch, calling from the public phone by the roadside.   (more...)


Caroline Bock
The Rumours of War

Even with our forged identity cards, there were no rooms to be had in Rome for my father, mother, or me.   (more...)

Maria Lazebnik
The Flute Maker

Before his illness, Abram fashioned flutes of precious metals: silver, gold and platinum.   (more...)


Ken Schept
The Crimson Cap

The autumn light tarnished the silver—a scalpel, forceps and a filigreed clamp—arranged like a place setting   (more...)

Peter Wortsman
Out of Breath Out of Mind

I was a strange boy. Small and sly, I was sometimes consumed by peculiar thoughts and imaginings.   (more...)

Zeeva Bukai
Suspended As They Are

Something in the pull of the train leading them to Coney Island made Tamar uneasy.   (more...)

Darlene Leiser
The Mechitza

No one cried at Uncle Yossele’s funeral except for Rav Altschuler, whose voice trembled as he eulogized the senior member   (more...)

Youval Shimoni
The Salt Line

All sorts of adventurers and explorers came to Leh motivated by curiosity or the will to make a name for themselves   (more...)


Elan Barnehama
Raining In The Holy Land

The closest I came to seeing my father walk was on Saturday mornings when I helped strap him into braces.   (more...)

Eva Izsak
Before I Was

Before I was, you were alone. Before I was, you had to fend for yourself. You don’t talk about it.   (more...)


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