Issue 33

March 2023 / Pesach 5783

By the Editor, Dr. Nora Gold

Welcome to this brilliant, 7-language issue of Jewish Fiction .net! Here you’ll find 12 terrific stories, originally written in Danish, Russian, Polish, Yiddish, Hebrew, and English, and – for the first time – Albanian! This issue also includes an Agnon story that has never before been published in English (“Women’s Wisdom”) and, in honour of the upcoming holiday, a Pesach story (“The Haggadah of the Chinese Jews”). (more)

Shmuel Yosef Agnon
Women’s Wisdom

There was an eminent woman in town, from a good family, who would read Scripture and review Mishnah and Midrash   (more...)


Nina Foighel
Things Disappear

We were walking around the East End of London and we were worn out. By the sun, and by the sense of history   (more...)


Entela Kasi
Frozen Spring - Jerusalem Returning

“I need to forget everything,” Hannah wrote to Johan   (more...)

Maciej Płaza

They had been in haste, that was Shira’s lasting memory of those times, those days. Two years had passed   (more...)

David Shrayer-Petrov
The Jewish Stone

We were strolling along the shore of Lake Ladoga: Lyonya Kogan, my friend from the days of our youth   (more...)


Ela Moskovits-Weiss

From a distance, they were a tall, handsome couple. The man was wearing an elegant business suit   (more...)


Ephrat Huss
The Lake of Galilee

The waves of the holy Galilee Lake in Israel rhythmically leave and return to my veiny old ankles   (more...)


Ber Kotlerman

“My father never went back there,” said Mrs. Dobrovsky bitterly. Outside the window of her room danced the boundless   (more...)


Elliott B. Oppenheim
Bubbie’s Ḥalushkas

What is the meaning of food in our culture? Bubbie’s lunch invitation just after Passover emphasizing explicitly just us   (more...)

Ida Shear
The Haggadah of the Chinese Jews

Nathanial made a sudden U-turn and pointed the Chevy pickup toward   (more...)


Mark Russ
Crumbs of Hope

Having unintentionally left his mother to die alone at Our Lady of Mercy several years before, Malcolm was determined to remain with his father until the end.   (more...)


Maurice Krystal
The Origin of Migraines

I don’t remember the first time I asked where my grandparents were. I was aware that all my neighbourhood friends had grandparents. They came to visit   (more...)

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