Issue 25

September 2020 / Rosh Hashana 5781

By the Editor, Dr. Nora Gold


In this challenging time, some joyful news: This Rosh Hashana marks exactly ten years since the founding of Jewish Fiction .net! Since our first issue came out on Rosh Hashana 2010, we have published over 430 works of fiction never before published in English, which were originally written in sixteen languages. We are truly an international journal with readers in 140 countries. (more)
Dvora Baron
The Summer House

Chana was ten years old when her father, the rabbi, following his doctor’s advice, moved to a summer house in the woods that belonged to Yutka, the landowner.   (more...)

Guillermo Saccomanno
Haute Couture

We’ve just come home from burying Mama. I’m going to take a bath, says Ruti, who pretends to be such a clean freak   (more...)


Philip Graubart
Reb Moishe and the Beanstalks

It wasn’t Catcher in the Rye, or The Foundation Trilogy, or even Henry Miller that caught Moishe’s attention.   (more...)

Noga Albalach
The Old Man - Farewell

When asked where he lived as part of the Mini-Mental memory test, the old man couldn’t answer.   (more...)

Noa Shakargy

It was in the summer of that year that the last literary critic died. People did not remember his death.   (more...)

Saul Golubcow
Table Talk

Yes, he reflected at the end of a wonderful day, Proust was surely right that through chance encounters with textures...   (more...)


Allan Appel
The Greens of San Rodeo

My friend Stevie had not been home to San Rodeo in many years. We didn’t think his estrangement from his family particularly severe...   (more...)

Lili Berger
The Rebetzin’s Sense of Justice

He was small, skinny, timid, eyes always downcast. She the opposite, big, full-bodied, a Jewish Cossack...   (more...)


Sophie Panzer
Two Roads

I lost both my grandfather and my best friend in July. Zayde proved easier to mourn – there was family, a funeral...   (more...)

Yossi Avni-Levy
The Love Peddlers

Deep down, do I believe in magic and spells? Is the belief in ghosts congenital? Grandma Nahonum would say...   (more...)

David Regenspan
The Old Days

The High Holiday season came late that year; there was already a nip in the air at night, and the leaves were starting to turn.   (more...)

Lynn Levin
Frieda and her Golem

Not long ago, a poor and solitary rabbinical student named Frieda Goldstein decided that she would create for herself a...   (more...)


Susan Kleinman
Set It Free

“Can you tell me how the contract thing works?” Joni asks, and Rob’s face burns. Not that the question is in any way risqué   (more...)


Diana Bletter
Jazzy Sounds of the Cicadas

I am a judge. Most of the time I listen to other people’s stories, but now I feel the need to share one of my own.   (more...)


Wendy Brandmark
The Mime Artist

Milo had run out of Hungary. He was a dark broad guy with not a hint of the pain he must have felt leaving everyone behind.   (more...)

Henri Bybelezer
That Which Can Never Be Lost

As a child, I expressed myself best in Yiddish, long before I could speak English   (more...)


Deborah Freeman

The pilot asked us not to use phones until we were out of the aircraft, but no-one took any notice.   (more...)


Rochelle Distelheim
Jerusalem As A Second Language

The Russian authorities smashed the keyboard of my piano. Someone was enraged that a Jew would own such   (more...)


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