Issue 22

April 2019 / Pesach 5779

Welcome to this brilliant, 6-language issue of Jewish Fiction .net! 18 gorgeous stories, originally written in Spanish, Russian, Hebrew, Yiddish, English, and (for the first time!) Danish. In honour of the upcoming holiday, two of these stories are about Pesach: “The Search for Ernesto Gonzales” and “A Strand of Hair.” The latter is by Mendele Mokher Seforim and is the third in our “holiday series” of his work. (more)

Emuna Elon
House on Endless Waters

One after another the people are swallowed up into the plane to Amsterdam, one after another after another. Yoel, too, is approaching the aircraft’s door   (more...)


Antonio Elio Brailovsky
Isaac Halevy, King of the Jews

So many years had passed that he no longer remembered how many, and the most recent events seemed confused   (more...)


Jacob Dinezon
Samson Solomon and His Horses

“If you say, ‘One’s thoughts during the day are what one dreams at night,’ it’s an idea worth ten times nothing!”   (more...)


Birte Kont
A Place Nowhere

It was the last class that Tuesday. Danielsen, our history teacher, entered the classroom and put down his briefcase. Went to stand in front of the lectern...   (more...)

Nancy Lefenfeld
The Deep End of the Pool

He was one of the regular swimmers at the Piscine Pontoise, the famous Art Deco pool in the Latin Quarter. He swam two or three times each week.   (more...)


Mendele Mokher Seforim
A Strand of Hair

As spring arrives, work increases in the world of the Holy Blessed One!   (more...)

Shai Afsai
The Funeral Director

Schwartz stood in the shade of his funeral home’s green awning, searching the street for a sign of Rabbi Silverman. Tapping his watch lightly with an arthritic finger   (more...)

Nicole Hazan
Instructions Printed Inside the Box

When Dan’s gas mask arrived, he didn’t even open the box. He slung it over his shoulder and took it to school...   (more...)


Nelly Shulman
To the End Of Her Path

Until now, seeing her name on the posters, Frida was somewhat embarrassed. It seemed to her that these red, bright letters are not about her   (more...)

Eran Bar-Gil

When Ilan clears away the dishes from the table I stay seated and watch him. After discarding the leftover mashed potatoes and fish bones into the bin   (more...)


Jacob Frommer
The Search for Ernesto Gonzales

A week before Passover, Pacific Parkway is a slapstick of shtetl chaos. Mothers beat rugs with bungalow tennis racquets   (more...)


G. Evelyn Lampart
One Good Deed, And Another

My brother persuaded me to see his chiropractor, a moonlighting musician, who performed at Jewish weddings.   (more...)


Harriet Rohmer
Land of the Lost Daddies

Jasmine and I were looking for Bart, and we knew in advance he wouldn’t be living anywhere nice.   (more...)


Zvi Jagendorf

Dear Odd Bull, it is extremely unfair and no one here will help me so I am complaining to you.   (more...)

Shay Aspril
Eight Encounters with Sue

As you slowly climb the stairs, something tells you that this is the last time   (more...)


Jay Jacoby
The Passing of Ruth Klein

On Tuesday morning the rabbi called to tell me that Ruth Klein had died. I’m wondering, Who’s Ruth Klein?   (more...)

Kim Chernin
A Christmas Conversation with a Jewish Boy

Some years ago I met a young boy in Golden Gate park   (more...)


Mendele Mokher Seforim
What is Chanukah?

“A great miracle happened for me on Chanukah.” “What about me, Shmuel?"   (more...)


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