Issue 28

September 2021 / Rosh Hashana 5782

By the Editor, Dr. Nora Gold

Welcome to our Rosh Hashana issue! Here you'll find 12 delightful stories, as refreshing as apples and as sweet as honey, originally written in five languages: Czech, Hungarian, Yiddish, Hebrew, and English. The Czech story, “Luck,” is the first one we’ve published translated from that language, and this brings to 17 the number of languages represented in Jewish Fiction .net. (Just one more and we’re at 18 – chai!) Also, in honour of the upcoming holiday, our new issue includes a Rosh Hashana story: “Here I Am.” (more)


Jacob Gordin
A Wife Pawned and Sold

Leyzer Khirik set off from the far side of Brisk, from the large city of Zamaline, and headed straight for New York.   (more...)


Abigail Beshkin

Rachel’s parents had failed to make reservations in time for Parents’ Weekend so they are visiting now, almost a month later   (more...)

Elaine Midcoh
Sarah’s Father

This story is not about my mother, who had the misfortune of being a Jew in Europe during the Second World War.   (more...)

Barbara Baer
Leonora's Lament

Dalia Rosen lay under a steam tent on Pearl Street, two blocks up from the Pacific Ocean. When she coughed   (more...)

Péter Moesko
The Scar

My grandpa can already walk on his own. He had been practicing for a month and a half using a walker; today was the first time he managed to walk   (more...)


Sara McKinney

Last summer, my mother, who had struggled to keep her grasp on the present for what seemed my entire adult life   (more...)


Irena Dousková

Abram Abramovich and Ivan Ivanovich sat exhausted on a damp, uprooted tree which they had just rolled off the road.   (more...)


Gail Pasternack
Here I Am

Aaron stood at Gemma’s bedroom door, listening to her giggle. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d heard his daughter laugh.   (more...)

Susan Susser

In the early years after I moved to Israel, the Arab women in the English classes I taught at university did not come to school wearing a hijab.   (more...)


Katherine Berlatsky
Growing, Burning

In front of the rabbi is the creature he has built, a six-foot tall mass of hardened clay with stones for eyes.   (more...)

Louise Farmer Smith
The Chuppah

One winter night after closing time at his florist shop, Yankel Kline and his employee, Owen Flannery, stood side-by-side at the counter   (more...)

Levana Moshon
My Ladyfinger

This morning, as I made my way to the greenhouses, I was filled with a sudden joy.   (more...)


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