Issue 23

September 2019 / Rosh Hashana 5780

By the Editor, Dr. Nora Gold

Issue 23 brings to 400 the number of great works of fiction from around the world that Jewish Fiction .net has published so far. We are very proud of this accomplishment and we thank you, our readers, for your ongoing enthusiasm and support. Also, to increase your convenience reading Jewish Fiction .net, our journal has recently been optimized for mobile devices. So wherever you happen to be, you can read our new issue on your phone. In this issue you will find 18 fabulous works of fiction, originally written in English, Hebrew, and Yiddish. (more)

Hava Pinhas-Cohen
The Language of the Windows

The cicadas are everywhere; in the grass, between the houses, along the pathways and under the garbage cans, but mostly in the trees.   (more...)


Mendele Mokher Seforim
For the Sabbath Day

On a narrow meandering path that makes its way through the fields, sometimes disappearing among the trees...   (more...)

Steve Stern
Last Laugh

As he strolled, daydreaming, across the square in the market town of Zyldzce, Menke chanced to brush against the tunic of the Obersturmführer von Graf   (more...)

Esty G. Haim

Daylight savings time ended, and it got dark early. I don’t like the dark, but at least it’s easy to disappear in it.   (more...)


Ayelet Gundar-Goshen
The Liar

Though it was the end of summer, the heat still waited outside front doors along with the morning newspaper, both boding ill.   (more...)


Akiva Schick
Match Maker

Instead of sprinkling the shiny “mazel tov!” shaped confetti across the white tablecloth, Dovie dumped them out of the package, into a heap on the table...   (more...)

Herbert L. Zarov
Among the Chosen

“The new year starts when the sun sets,” his grandfather says. “And the sun doesn’t wait for Jack Luckman.”   (more...)

E. C. Messer
The Puppet Theatre

Hershel Lévi left Warsaw for Paris in the summer of 1935, taking with him only his miniature theatre...   (more...)

Phyllis Schieber
The Man in the Glass Booth

All summer everyone talked about how Israeli agents had captured Adolf Eichmann in Buenos Aries.   (more...)

Elaine Ford
Bearing Witness

This is Rose’s lonely time. Papa Joshel out at his pinochle game, the children asleep in bed, Irving working late at the candy store.   (more...)

Jane R. Snyder
Mr. Kops

When I gazed up at my teacher’s kind face from my desk in the front row, his bald head always reminded me of a leftover party balloon floating toward the ceiling.   (more...)


Jacob Dinezon
Go Eat Kreplach

Dear reader, it’s not her goodness, her piety, her benevolence that I want to tell you about. Her name was Deborah, and in Bodovitz you only needed to say, “According to Deborah,”   (more...)


Jane Salodof MacNeil
The Night Light

Isaac heard laughter and then his name. His granddaughter Ellen and her husband Steve were entertaining friends in the living room of their high-rise apartment.   (more...)


Penny Kohn
The Call from God

One secretary worked for both congregations, and on her desk sat two phones. She answered one, “Shalom, Temple Emuna,” and the other, “Hello, St. Anne’s Episcopal Church.”   (more...)


Joseph Baran
Shoemaker from Auschwitz

“She’s running late,” I say, leaning against the window frame, watching the sun go down.   (more...)


Sarah Marx Levin
The Goodness of Our Fathers

Hadas Benayoun grinds spices. Every morning, the palms of her hands are a new color – bloody paprika, or the marigold splendor of turmeric...   (more...)

Geanie Grenshaw
Post Script

Now, so long after that cold dark February afternoon, I feel the trembling of her hands in my own as I take an envelope, emblazoned with a foreign postage stamp   (more...)


Ann Rosenthal
West Bank Aria

She gets out of the airport taxi. As the air conditioned air dissipates, heat hits her like a wave. Israel in July. “Thank you,” she says in schoolgirl Hebrew.   (more...)


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