Issue 26

February 2021 / Purim & Pesach 5781

By the Editor, Dr. Nora Gold


Join us for our upcoming Zoom event: Exploring Jewish Women's Fiction as Mirrors Into Jewish Women's Lives. (More details in Preface.) And welcome to our Purim & Pesach issue! In honour of these joyful holidays and the tenth anniversary year of Jewish Fiction .net, we bring you an especially rich issue of Jewish Fiction .net: 23 marvelous stories originally written in Yiddish, Hebrew, and English. These include a story about Purim (“The Feast of Esther”), two about Pesach (“What Elijah Brought” and “Plagued”), and one that is intentionally set in between these two holidays (“Serah”). The first two of these four stories take place during Covid. (more)
Gary Barwin
Nothing the Same, Everything Haunted

Motl. Jewish cowpoke. Brisket Boy. My grandfather. As usual, he was bent   (more...)

Merav Zaks-Portal
Good Thing There Aren't any Children in this Story

“Soon it will no longer be possible,” says Dr. Peles, her bespectacled eyes   (more...)

Beth Adelman
A Friend

Alarmed at seeing the chubby new congregant in his pew for the second time, Max Arnold sat instead in the last row   (more...)


Robert Hersowitz
The Feast of Esther

Esther and Jessie had their first real conversation one wet January morning when Esther slipped and fell.   (more...)


Leonid Pekarovsky

I admit it - I’m a junkie! If I don’t get my fix in the morning, I feel sick all day, and tormented by bitter feelings.   (more...)

Amanda Miller
New Life

Every morning I pray that Saul will write to me, just so I know he is alive. The not knowing is tearing me apart.   (more...)

Diane Lederman
Worthy Editor

Shanna Spektor sighed with quiet joy when she spotted the Forverts hanging crisply as if ironed on a library rack.   (more...)


Ezra Solway
Pendulum Swing

Akiva Cedar, on the cusp of turning eighteen, had long been immune to pre-match jitters. He sat by himself limbering   (more...)

Sagit Emet
Clay Turtles

It wasn’t the usual girl behind the counter in the café that day. “What’s happened to Yulia?” Lea asked   (more...)

Vered Singer
Added Value

Teaching a writing class in a retirement home – well, that really marked the point of no return.   (more...)


Henry Alan Paper
The Prodigal’s Bar Mitzvah Speech

I was on the front lawn just coming down from a dangerous drug when   (more...)

Sharon Forman
A Crocodile in the Kinneret

In July of 1993, a ten-foot long crocodile patrolled the clear waters   (more...)

Carolyn Ivy Stein
What Elijah Brought

Chava leaned back against the hard but stylish dining room chair. Up until recently her condo felt like a sanctuary   (more...)


Mira Magen
The Carpenter’s Sister

The sky above Yonina’s porch was empty, only a bit of cloud flat as a handkerchief floating there   (more...)


Nora Houri-Haim

“How long does it take for that cow to take down the trash?” Sabah mutters as he shuffles to the door.   (more...)


Jonathan Stone
Welcome to Otisville

Yisgadal v'yiskadash, shmei raba. That's his cue. The Mourner's Kaddish. His signal to alert the other guards   (more...)


Miriam Kresh

Annie fluffed her white hair in front of the mirror, damp from her shower and smelling like lavender soap.   (more...)

Anna Gotlieb
The Interval

The muffler was loud as they entered the driveway. Both sets of parents were on the front steps before he turned   (more...)

Jeffrey Wolf

Sears & Roebuck Administration Building, March 1942. Last gracious hours of Friday, , and the other switchboard ladies   (more...)


Ann S. Epstein
The Women of Tahiti

The women of Tahiti hover as he convalesces on the veranda. Flowered dresses of sunset orange and peacock green ripple   (more...)


Maureen Sherbondy

My youngest son, Joseph, became obsessed with the plagues shortly after his tenth Passover Seder.   (more...)

Rachel Luria
The Illusion

It had been five years since I’d seen my friend Sasha. When I left him in Paris he was happy, in love, and had a brand new   (more...)


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