Issue 31

September 2022 / Rosh Hashana 5783

By the Editor, Dr. Nora Gold

Welcome to our Rosh Hashana issue! Here you’ll find 18 (chai!) splendid stories, as delightful as apples and honey, that were originally written in four languages: Czech, Yiddish, Hebrew, and English. And in honour of the upcoming holidays, our new issue features no less than 5 stories translated from Hebrew. We hope this issue of Jewish Fiction .net brings you pleasure, new perspectives, and an enhanced connection to the stories of our people. (more)
Eli Amir
The Bicycle Boy

Even after visiting his son a few times and becoming acquainted with the life style and dress code of the kibbutz   (more...)

Shira Gorshman
The Parasite

Sunday at dawn, while birds still slept in their nests, Khatshe the Rag Man would harness his horse   (more...)

Mayan Rogel

I remember Mom crying in the kitchen. She says, “Yoni, we’re so stupid. Why did we agree?”   (more...)


Yishai Sarid

He’ll summon me eventually, when the celebrations are over. Wait ten days, two weeks at the most   (more...)

Steve Stern
The Village Idiot

Chaim Soutine wakes with the sun, feeling awful. His joints are stiff, his guts wound tight about the crucible of his belly.   (more...)

Jakuba Katalpa
Zuzana's Breath

Liliana Liebeskindová is not able as yet to conceive. She can’t keep this to herself, so she gets a lot of advice   (more...)

Dorit Shiloh

When it comes to Vincent I have trouble deciding what to look at, which part of his body would show me the real him.   (more...)

Eric Gabriel Lehman
Grandma Tova

Joel Meyerson pushes open the door, anxious when his grandmother doesn’t answer his knock.   (more...)


Glenn Gitomer
The Ba’al Shem’s Daughter

My life is an out-of-the-money call option about to expire.   (more...)


Danielle Resh
Soles and Souls

I hear you are quite an adept seamstress…” Leora Baum nodded, staring at the steaming tea and the small plate of cookies   (more...)

Rachely Dor Rappaport

At five, the desert heat threatened to catch up with the night dew, and the cats woke up. She wandered like a bug in the dark   (more...)


B.L. Makiefsky
The Return of Everything

I’m in the city to see family and pick up supplies at Brodsky’s General Store. An older woman is returning a chair.   (more...)

Shmuel Nadata
The Greenberg Funeral

They had to hold the service out in Brooklyn, in this place run by goyim which had seating for fourteen hundred.   (more...)

Deborah Kotz
A Taste of Mandel Bread

Kayla was in the zone. Hunched over her desk in her dark apartment, she breezed through the LSAT logical reasoning section   (more...)


Bari Lynn Hein
Two Family Photos

Rob, who’d looked at nothing but road signs while Hailey and I marveled at the beauty of terraced vineyards   (more...)


Gabriel Lampert

I hate arguments. If I lose, it makes me feel small. If I win, I can feel the other person’s hate. I’ve always run away   (more...)


Tatia Rosenthal

When Issachar was 12 years old, he was the presumptive semifinals winner of Maccabi Jerusalem's judo championship   (more...)

Rimma Kranet
You Are Here

When I was 16 my mother set me up on a date with a boy from a respectable family. In his glove compartment he had a gun.   (more...)


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