Issue 35

December 2023 / Chanukah 5784

By the Editor, Dr. Nora Gold

Welcome to our Chanukah issue! Here you’ll find 12 superb stories, originally written in Russian, Hebrew, Yiddish, and English. We hope these stories enhance your celebration of the upcoming holiday, and especially in these challenging times we wish you and those you love a Chanukah filled with miracles and light. (more)
Nora Gold
Yom Kippur in a Gym

The gym is filling up with people in their finest, fanciest clothes. No, they have not come to work out in their suits and dresses. They’re here for Yom Kippur.   (more...)

Nathaniel Lachenmeyer
The Soloist’s Rehearsal

It doesn’t mean anything, that the reporter called. It’s just a story. Madman accuses violinist of crazy nonsense during (by the way) a brilliant performance   (more...)

Rachel Luria
The Butterfly

The young couple stood leaning against the boardwalk’s railing, gazing out over the beach. The sea was calm, its dull green waves sluggish.   (more...)

Yente Serdatsky
What She Seeks

She was an older girl and not very pretty, her body middle-aged, a little shapeless, with a squat, short nose that didn’t match her long face.   (more...)

Joel Streicker
Great Men of Modern Jewish American History

I’ve got this photo of Joey, in costume, from when he was in the class play in fourth grade. I didn’t take it.   (more...)

Danila Botha
Don’t Look Back

My great-aunt Mara was the one who taught me what nominative determinism was. My grandfather made the joke once, when he heard me asking my grandmother   (more...)

Gilit Chomski

My first time in the forest was before the child was born. I was freshly discharged from the army and had come to a picnic with two girlfriends from the service.   (more...)

Allan Borshy
Mr. Rosenberg

Richard Laxer, expectant father, slumps into a chair, weary from another restless night. The morning calm is broken by the squealing of a bus   (more...)

Susan Alexander
Halfway Home

My father's sister Rose still remembers the first time she ate pork.   (more...)

Corie Rosen

Viola had hated the apartment, though she would never tell her mother this. She disliked the musty smell, as though too many people had lived here before them.   (more...)

Maria Buras
Deader Than Dead

At 120 kilometers an hour, one cigarette lasts for slightly more than three kilometers. I am on my second pack. That would amount to a carton and a half if I drive nonstop.   (more...)

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