Issue 36

Welcome to Issue 36 – our “double chai” issue! Here you'll find 13 brilliant stories originally written in 5 languages: Polish, Russian, Yiddish, Hebrew, and English. And in honour of the upcoming holiday, we bring you 5 Pesach stories: “
This Night of Nights,” “The Seder,” “Who Passed Whom,” “Our Finest,” and “Flight.” 

As we approach the “Festival of Freedom” this year, it is impossible not to be thinking about the hostages still captive in Gaza. We pray that soon they will be reunited with their families and this war will come to an end.

In Issue 36: 

Dignity  – a story by Susan S. Levine
Dr Josef's Little Beauty   – a novel excerpt by Zyta Rudzka (translated from Polish)
Flight  – a story by Stephen Rosen
Janusz Korczak's Last Day  – a novel excerpt by Peretz Markish (translated from Yiddish)
Lemon Drops  – a story by Beth Sherman
Our Finest  – a novel excerpt by Ariel Horowitz (translated from Hebrew)
Sochi  – a story by David Shrayer-Petrov (translated from Russian)
The Back Kitchen   – a novel excerpt by Romit Samson (translated from Hebrew) 
The Family  – a story by Hersh Smolar (translated from Yiddish)
The Next Stop  – a story by Alana Goldman
The Seder  – a story by Adam Katz
This Night of Nights  – a story by Sarah Lerner
Who Passed Whom  – a story by Benjamin Guggenheim

We hope that the stories in this issue of Jewish Fiction .net will delight and fascinate you and enrich your celebration of the holiday.

Warm wishes for a meaningful Pesach, and chag sameach v’kasher! from all of us at    

Jewish Fiction .net

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