Issue 24



In these challenging, uncertain times in which we find ourselves, the new Pesach issue of Jewish Fiction .net is being published a few weeks earlier than usual, in the hope that the power of great literature will help to distract you from the current crisis and provide you with some comfort and pleasure.

Issue 24 includes 16 beautiful stories originally written in English, Hungarian, and Hebrew. And in honour of the upcoming holiday, two of them are about Pesach

      * “The Trade” by Mendele Mokher Seforim (the fourth and final story in our holiday series of his work) 
      * “The Guest” by Remy Maisel, about a seder where Elijah the Prophet shows up.

In Issue 24: 

Blue Chip  – a story by Steven Mayoff
Daniel's Wife   – a story by Joan Gurfield
Each and Every Child  – a novel excerpt by Tal Nitzan (translated from Hebrew) 
Evening  – a novel excerpt by Nessa Rapoport
Fanny and Gabriel  – a novel excerpt by Nava Semel (translated from Hebrew) 
Milk and Honey  – a story by Levana Moshon (translated from Hebrew) 
Pale Blue Valley  – a novel excerpt by Yael Medini (translated from Hebrew) 
Persephone   – a story by Shawn C. Harris 
Q & A  – a story by Emily Alice Katz
The Crystal Beads  – a story by Patricia Black-Gould
The First Christmas  – a story by Gábor T. Szántó (translated from Hungarian) 
The Guest  – a story by Remy Maisel
The House of Cards  – a story by Leonid Newhouse
The Kippah Drawer  – a story by Rob Granader
The Labors of Leonard Vogel  – a story by Martin Itzkowitz
The Trade  – a story by Mendele Mokher Seforim (translated from Hebrew)

We also refer you to the story Felicity by Zvi Jagendorf from Issue 22, which was originally published in an incomplete version (our apologies) and has since been corrected.

We hope that all these works bring you emotional and intellectual delight. We wish you and your loved ones excellent health in the weeks ahead. And in whatever modified form you will be celebrating Pesach this year, we hope you have a meaningful and uplifting holiday.

Chag sameach v'kasher from all of us at 

Jewish Fiction .net



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